We partner with enlightened leaders to restore organizational vitality and human potential so that businesses and people can thrive together.


Some of the problems we solve:

  • Cumbersome and inefficient multi-department business processes

  • A pocket or small department (or lab) where innovation is thriving but an inability to spread those practices

  • Lack of clarity and conviction about direction, priorities, and leadership

  • Transparency is provided, but it’s not empowering the workforce

  • Insincerity in the company’s espousing of values and visions that don’t match actions

  • Inefficient decision-making and difficulty building internal alignment

  • Grueling hours and a culture of burnout

  • Lack of empathy between individuals or departments within the organization

  • High anxiety and unhappiness (especially in female and female-identifying employees)

  • Veteran culture at odds with the culture of the future (what your Millennial and Gen Z employees expect/demand)


“Not everything that is faced can be changed; 
 but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

— James Baldwin


The outcome:


An organization in which people are flourishing and the business is profiting. Where work doesn’t feel like “work.” Where people feel cared for, heard and seen by their colleagues and supported in their personal development. Where there is space to be revolutionary and creative. Where communities share a sense of purpose and have access to collective wisdom.


Our purpose:

BELLY is an expression of our passion, creativity, and direct experience. Our main objective is to truly walk our talk and to create a community of like-minded change makers aligned around the idea of a healthy culture inside organizations.We prize integrity and transparency because we know that real change starts within. We’re always learning and growing ourselves and we only take our clients where we’ve been ourselves.


Work with us…


Through consulting engagements, leadership development, workshops and coaching, we solve problems and help your culture evolve and integrate valuable skills for these times.


Get In Touch:

This is a new future we are creating...and we’re looking for partners and clients ready to explore with us.

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Schuyler@thatsbelly.com or Lucy@thatsbelly.com

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